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An effective solution for Pharmaceutical Industry
For any Pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement considered as prime importance. Though 21 CFR Part II has been launched, many companies yet to tackle its practical implementation. User-friendly Eresource ERP is compliant to all statutory regulation and it is quick to implement.

An ideal ERP for Manufacturing Industry
In today's aggressive business environment it is essential to be prepared to face a vast and competitive world. In this time of diminishing global economic situation, it has become a question of survival rather than competition as far as midsize businesses (SMBs) is concerned.

ERP for Fleet Management
Going an extra mile -- Fleet Management ERP This is the first time ever such an extensive and well integrated software for Fleet and Transport Industry is made. Eresource ERP for Fleet is the number one Fleet / Transport Management ERP that will help your business grow. With eresource you can manage your Fleet and Transport business with efficiency.

ERP for Modular Kitchen
Food for thought -- ERP for Kitchen Industry eresource ERP for Kitchen Industry is an extensive, flexible and efficient eresource ERP offers a fully automated enterprise resource planning solution for kitchen industry, which provides a clear view of data across the entire business, accelerates time-to-market, and boosts the company's reputation.

Numero Uno ERP for Infrastructure
Eresource ERP for infrastructure is a proper compatible ERP system for any organization. The reason being that is, when an ERP solution is being deployed, it would need to interface with all solutions which are already being used. Unless the ERP solution is able to interface with the base infrastructure, there is not much point in the entire exercise of the deployment .

Successful formula for Chemical Industry
Eresource Infotech's ERP solution for Chemical enables chemical manufacturers to efficiently and effectively manage record formulation, quality control, customer management, production and financial reporting. The eresource ERP for Chemical Industry is an affordable option for any range of chemical organization.

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