Audio Visuals

An exhibition, performance, demonstration or lecture utilizing communication media directed at both the sense of sight and the sense of hearing.

In today’s culture, a presentation without multimedia is a presentation without effect. We at Audio Visual Presentations understand your need for effective presentations., we have the knowledge to give you exactly what you need with speed and efficiency. We specialize in customizing audio video equipment to your individual needs and constraints without sacrifice to quality. Your investment in integrated multimedia capabilities will change the way you work, giving you complete control over communication with your clients.


From creating concepts to indoor & outdoor shoot, walkthroughs, to editing, titling, and final output. We give an outstanding and remarkable film covering every aspect, required in the Film .Business video production has become a standard tool for business communication. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the power of the video and animation technology and forget that the key to having a satisfied client is to convey his or her ideas in a technically accurate and appealing manner so it is clear to their customer what can be achieved.

CD catalogue and Flash Interactive Presentations

Graphic Imaage has developed unique style of presenting your business to your clients, customers. Using the best combination of animation, video, sound, your product is presented more effectively. With the perfect concept and right words you can impress your clients in less time. You can create glamorous and corporate CD presentations, which will not only brand your product and services Benefits

  • Good branding solution
  • Can be also mailed, saving time and cost
  • Re-production and updating is fast and cost effective
CD Presentations Our presentations include:
  • Dynamic Company Presentations
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sales Pitch Presentations
  • Product Launch
  • 3D Animation and Walkthroughs
  • Show Reels
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Software Walkthroughs, Demo’s

Use Clear Simple Visual Aids

When using visual aids, it is important that these visuals be easy to see and to understand. Complicated graphs no matter how artistically arranged will only confuse your audience and lose their interest. Likewise, a simple graph that is difficult to see, won't grab anyone's attention. It is necessary to make your graph large enough for your viewing audience.

If you are presenting to a small group, a large graph on an easel may well be appropriate and will keep the audiences attention focused on you as well as the material being presented. However, if you are presenting to large group in a lecture hall or other venue, using a large screen television to present your graft may be a better idea.