Brands and Companies go across the nation and globe to participate in the Exhibition as they get their right audience in these exhibitions/trade shows. In such case it becomes mandatory for them to represent their stall and brand in an attractive and innovative way to become visible in the crows of stalls. EQUAL Designs with its creative and innovative stall designs and seamless fabrication services helps them to meet this objective.

The design and the look of a stall is the only thing catches the eyes of the visitors. The proper branding, right mixture of color, the optimized use of the available space, right property placement, attractive display of the products etc., all these are the key factors that we keep in our mind to come up with an innovative design for our clients. We are specialized in providing a complete range of services associated with the Stall Designing & Fabrication with experienced designers and builders. Our design solutions provide the right infrastructure to innovate your marketing, motivate your audience and activate your brand

Graphic Design & Print

Our graphic designers will bring a wealth of experience and to your print campaigns. We can advise on the best formats (leaflet, brochure, posters, billboards etc) to get your printed messages across in a memorable and creative way.


Our display designs, and exhibition services, range from simple pop-up banners, to promotional stands and large exhibition installations with video and interactive content. We can maximize your budget to extract the greatest impact and engagement in what is always a competitive environment.

Video & Film Production

Video and film production has been at the heart of WMP since our inception in 1982. With the advent of technology our video service now encompasses motion graphics, 3D animation, and HD video. Our highly skilled in-house team consists of video producers, video editors, sound men, camera men and animators.

Creative Events & Conferences

Our creative events service ranges from conference management to marketing events as well as party organisation, event logistics management and award ceremonies. We can find the perfect venue, helping you to manage the event from start to finish. Take a look at our events page to see some of the creative events we’ve created.

Web Design

Our creative web design agency uses the latest web development technologies to ensure your website lasts the distance. From large database-driven websites, to Content Management Systems (CMS) and small product showcaes, our new media specialists will create professional and stylish web designs that are optimised using the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. We can also help to market your website using SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


Our in-house marketing team can help maximise your return on investment by providing an underlying strategy, informing everything from sales processes to your business communications, and helping you to understand the right tone and channels that work with your audience.